Do you have problem with limescale in your pipeline?
Would you like to protect your appliances?
Are you looking for beautifully clean clothes but it is impossible due to hard water? Would you like to avoid using softeners containing chemicals?
Are you tired of cleaning the limescale in your kitchen and bathroom?

Get rid of limescale and hard water without using chemicals. Take advantage of the most advanced scientific knowledge and ionic polarization of water in ionimax.
Ionimax is a unique water treatment system. A simple “pipe” breaking the limescale, providing vitality and cleanliness to water, saving your money and protecting your appliances and environment. It requires no operating personnel or maintenance. It works without electricity or chemicals. Ionimax does not hinder in any way or interfere with design of your home. The water keeps all its nutrients including minerals, i.e. providing great quality drinking water.

The limescale gradually vanishes and there is no new limescale build-up.