Ionic Polarization Equipment

Product description:

Ionic Polarization Equipment – ionimax – is a device for water treatment preventing the limescale build-up, helping with limescale removal and its use provides several other benefits.

Ionimax comprises of a flow-through body with inlet and outlet opening. Within the body, there are at least two electrodes. Both electrodes are made of conductive material. The flowing water together with such electrodes create a galvanic wet cell. The voltage of such cell is sufficient enough to cause polarization of flowing water mollecules.

The voltage ranges between 0.6 – 0.8 V. The voltage depends on water conductivity. This effect may be used fow waters with conductivity ranging between 50 – 2,000 uS/cm2, i.e. standard waters with salt content ranging between 50 – 2,000 mg/l.

When water passes between such electrodes, calcium salts (Ca2*), magnesium (Mg*), ferrum (Fe2*, 3*) contained in water as carbonates, sulphates and chlorides dissolve (dissociate) to hydroxides. The consequence is that such particles lose the ability to form crystallic deposits in pipings, boilers, heat exchangers, etc.

The basis of physical treatment of water is a “transfer” or “depositing ”of loose electric charge to individual water molecules, causing polarization (uniform orientation) of such molecules. Such effect causes transformation of shape of soluble solid particles in water in such way they do not form crystalline grid due to various shapes and sizes. Such carbonates continue to form but only as soft particles – being harmless, easily removable sludge instead of hard crystalline deposits. Depositing stops, limescale gradually vanishes and there is no new limescale build-up.

Recommended measures:

Installation should be carried out by a qualified person. The manufacturer provides no guarantee for damages caused by unauthorized handling. Keep the installation certificate for later use.

After a shutdown of water in your system for a prolonged period (holiday, cottage), let the water run out first or use the water as service water.

Storage conditions:

Store in a standard way. The product is waterproof.

Operating life and maintenance:

In case of common use, operating life of ionimax recommended by the manufacturer is 10 years. In environment with high content of minerals or water containing increased level of solid particles, etc. it is recommended to carry out the following maintenance: flushing with hot vinegar, as necessary.

Waste processing:

At the end of operating life, ionimax shall be disposed of as construction waste. Packaging material shall be disposed of as general household waste, it is recommended to separate as paper.


Expert Opinion of the Ministry of Health – Chief Hygiene Officer of the Slovak Republic, certifying ionimax for drinking water treatment.

Certificate issued by the TSU Piešťany, state-owned enterprise, confirming safety of ionimax.

Declaration of Conformity of ionizing polarization devices, ionimax type, STN 133060-2:1978


Fig. A: 1 – gauge,  2 – valve,  3 – sediment separator,  4 – ionimax.  Diagram of installation within a building

Fig. B:  in thermal circuit No. 5 – sediment separator.

Assembly Instructions:


Ionimax may be installed in any position. regardless of position of its endings.


The best position for ionimax is the main inlet into the building to protect the whole object.


In place of installation, it is necessary to cut out a piece of pipeline, corresponding with the size of ionimax. On both ends of the pipeline, there are threaded fittings mounted of a required size. The thread is then provided with sealing material and ionimax is then screwed onto the fittings. After installation, it is necessary to verify tightness of the joints. Installation should be carried out by a qualified person. The manufacturer provides no guarantee for damages caused by unauthorized handling.

Combination with water filter:

In case you are considering adding filtration into your water system, ionimax should be the last equipment within the system to prevent possible unnecessary negation of its functionality.

Correct use of the product:

When using ionimax, there must not be any electric voltage present within the distance of at least 50 cm.  The system must not include ion-exchange resin, electromagnetic system or system with external voltage supply respectively. In such case, ionimax’s efficiency will not reach expected values.

Similarly, it is not recommended to install ionimax for equipment utilizing salt water or salt solution,which would cause negation of ionic polarization. In such case, ionimax’s efficiency will not reach expected values.

Ionimax shall be installed for waters with common conductivity ranging between 50 – 2,000 uS/cm2. For waters with conductivity exceeding the recommended values, ionimax’s efficiency will be lower, it will be subject to higher rate of silting causing shortening of its operating life. .

Use for water with temperature ranging between 0-100 °C. It is not suitable for conditioning of steam within enclosed pipelines, there is a risk of damage to the equipment. 

The maximum water flow velocity through ionimax is 4 m/s (when selecting the type of device, this value is very important, together with pipeline inner diameter). In case of higher water flow velocity, it is not possible to guarantee the expected efficiency.

Ionimax is designed for the pressure up to 1 MPa. In case of higher pressure, there is a risk of damage to ionimax.

Do not disassembly or open ionimax. By opening, ionimax will lose its functionality and guarantee. Contact the manufacturer. At the same time, there is a risk of loosening of small parts. Keep away from children.